Scott Park
Cinematographer / Writer (Denver, Colorado)

Scott Park grew up in Corvallis, Oregon. After moving to Denver in 2001, he decided on a career in the film industry. He studied at the Colorado Film School and in 2004 graduated summa cum laude, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Denver with an emphasis in Film Production - Cinematography.

To date Park has shot more than 45 short format projects, including narratives and music videos. The majority of projects were shot on 35mm film or Red One 4K digital cinema.

While in school and since then Park has written a slew of original short films, feature treatments, shorts films adapted from short stories, and a bible for a sci-fi thriller/drama television series.

After graduating, Park joined the faculty at the Colorado Film School for a few years. While there he taught "Introduction to 16mm Film" and "Lighting" classes.

In 2009 Park and writer/director Matt Allen co-wrote a Bigfoot horror feature-length script titled Hoax. That screenplay has since earned finalist status at more than 15 screenplay competitions, including Slamdance, NYC Horror, and Fade In.

Park is currently a co-owner of Steelpunk Studios, a computer game development company.