Peder Morgenthaler
Post Production Supervisor / Editor / DIT / Colorist

Peder Morgenthaler is the resident post expert at RRP.  During his career as an editor and post-production specialist, he has finished a range of feature films, television commercials, concert DVDs and industrial films.  Possessing a deep understanding of post-production techniques and technology, Peder excels at seeing projects from pre-production to delivery in a professional, artistic fashion.

Peder is also adept at navigating the additional post requirements involved with the RED One camera.  The RED, with its RAW recording format, is capable of delivering extremely high quality images.  Peder has experience maintaining the RAW image data through editorial into the finishing stages, allowing projects shot with the RED to be color corrected and graded in the highest possible quality.  Whether you're finishing your project in SD or HD 1080p video, performing a 2K filmout via DPX files, or creating a 4K digital cinema master, Peder has the knowledge and experience to help you get there.